Benefits of an Essential Oil Diffuser + 3 Blends

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There are so many different ways to use essential oils, apply them to your skin, inhale them, add it to a bath, enhance a massage… As we love to use them all different ways one of our habitual ways is diffusing them. Seriously, you can find one in our bedroom, office and living room/yoga space.…

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#57: The Healing Powers Of Nature

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LISTEN NOW! Today, more than half of the world’s population lives in urban environments and we are being surrounded by more and more concrete – and less trees. Not to mention the rise in technology, another distraction or excuse for not connecting with nature. Given this separation, do you ever question if this could be…

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The Health Benefits of Herbs + How To Keep Them Fresh

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To enjoy the health benefits of herbs, it is best to either grow them at home, or buy them organic and fresh from a natural grocery store or farmers market. They are among the most nutritious greens you can find and super versatile. You can toss them into your salad, garnish your soup with them…

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