Benefits of an Essential Oil Diffuser + 3 Blends

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There are so many different ways to use essential oils, apply them to your skin, inhale them, add it to a bath, enhance a massage… As we love to use them all different ways one of our habitual ways is diffusing them. Seriously, you can find one in our bedroom, office and living room/yoga space.…

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Weekly AV Fitness Schedule – Week 12

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Workout: Strength #3 Duration: 30 min Equipment: Yoga mat/ Chair Notes: Remember to warm up first with Warm #2 Workout: Walk 40 Minutes  Duration: 40 minutes Equipment: No equipment Workout:  Yoga #5 *NEW* Duration: 37 minutes Equipment: Yoga Strap/ Yoga mat/ Block /Bolster/Blanket   Workout: interval training #3 – lean & strong Duration: 24 minutes Equipment: No equipment  Notes:  Remember to first  :…

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