Cellulite Removing & Fat Burning Juice

The Truth About Cellulite  Cellulite is basically a combination of excess fat and body toxins lying beneath the surface of the skin. It’s important to understand that cellulite is always a manifestation of the wrong kind of lifestyle for health and beauty: eating wrongly (or too much), living under prolonged stress, hormonal imbalances, being exposed…

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AV 037 -How to Be Your Own Personal Trainer!

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  LISTEN NOW! [powerpress] What should I do for a workout? We get this question at least once a day, and I’m sorry to say that we don’t have the perfect answer for everybody. As much as everyone is hoping for that magic tip and solution to this question I am afraid to say “there…

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Powerful Fat Burner From the Nature

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Juicing with Chlorella- Powerful Fat Burner Chlorella is a freshwater algae found abundantly over the world. Chlorella is among the specied of algae that contains the largest amount of chlorophyll when compared to any plant on Earth. Chlorella contains in itself, all of the amino acids that are essential for the body, along with a…

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