Winter Red Salad with Curried Nut & Seed Mix

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A couple of weeks ago when Nik and I planned our winter recipe lineup for this blog, we thought it was time to share a savoury salad recipe with you. We love salads and enjoy making them pretty much daily but I never really think of sharing them on Active Vegetarian because they are so…

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Mango Lime Vegan Cabbage Tacos

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There are so many things to love about summertime… One is the abundance of fresh local produce! Every time Nik and I visit the neighborhood farmer’s market it feels like a trip to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory – so many vibrant, in-season fruits and vegetables calling our name! Last week we picked up a cute little purple…

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Roasted Cabbage

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This method of preparing cabbage is very simple and extremely delicious! Once you’ve taste roasted cabbage, you will never go back to boiling it. Because of the quick cooking in a very hot and dry oven, the cabbage won’t get all mushy. It will soften slightly but still retain a very pleasing crunch. This is…

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