Healthy Plant-Based Burger – High in Protein

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A healthy homemade vegan burger that is high in protein.

Plant-based burgers have become a hot item in grocery stores and even fast-food chains, however, one quick look at the ingredient list will reveal that most of these popular meat-free alternatives are just highly processed foods with very little nutritional value. So, we say forget the store-bought meat alternatives and make your own homemade veggie burgers…

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Raw Sun-Dried Tomato Burgers

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Hello there! Yes, this is a burger recipe. Yes, it’s vegan. And yes, it’s RAW. Have you had the chance to try any of our AV raw recipes yet? If not this might be the one to get started with.  The patty has only a few ingredients: sunflower seed, almond, flax, sundried tomatoes, apple cider…

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7 Plant Powered Dinner Recipes

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How do you consistently eat healthy, balanced meals in today’s faced paced world? This is a common questions we get asked,  and our first response is MEAL PREP. If you have been following us on Active Vegetarian for awhile you probably already know which foods are healthy and which to stay away from. The real challenge is…

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