Top 40 Plant-Based Sources Of Calcium

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Calcium is the most plentiful mineral found in the human body. The teeth and bones contain the most calcium. Nerve cells, body tissues, blood, and other body fluids contain the rest of the calcium. Calcium is one of the most important minerals for the the human body. Calcium helps form and maintain healthy teeth and…

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Busting 9 Myths About Vegetarian Diets

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  Today’s topic is: “Things you hear about vegetarianism that are just plain wrong!” Through our recent survey, we found out that many readers of our blog and listeners of our podcast are non-vegetarians who lean towards eating mostly plants. If you are one of them and thinking about making a full switch to plant…

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Where do I get iron if not from red meat?

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We’ve heard from a lot of you that your goal for the year of 2014, is to adopt a 100% plant based diet, part vegan, or just truly focus on including more veggies in your daily meals. We want to help. Nikki and I made a plethora of mistakes on our journey to living a plant…

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