#12: Should You Go Vegan?

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With so many celebrities and high profile people going vegan lately we discuss whether or not we feel it’s best for the average person. In our fitness tip we teach you how not to fall victim to the next useless fitness craze. WARNING: I did very little editing to this episode so it may not be as polished as some of our previous shows.

Download The Episode Here (27:43)

2 responses to “#12: Should You Go Vegan?”

  1. Enjoyed your podcast and the fitness tips. I am actually a vegan for health reasons. I follow the Dr. Esselstyn Plant-Based Diet for heart health. All your tips about easing into the change, B-12 needs, etc. were great. I started out as a vegetarian for 3 years, then went vegan, no oil, no sugar, no processed foods. It takes a toll on your body as you slough the toxins – like having the flu or a bad cold. Once I got past those bumps, I have felt great!!

  2. I’ve been dipping into becoming vegetarian (rather more of a “flex-itarian”) and I’m glad to hear the confirmation on taking your time transitioning into a new lifestyle. By the way I LOVE the less edited verision of podcast. Getting to hear your true personalities makes listening all the more enjoyable.

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