PLANT BASED ATHLETE by Active Vegetarian

plant powered athlete

this book will help you:

  • Lower body fat 
  • Increase muscle tone
  • Build strength 
  • Boost physical and mental health
  • Improve athletic performance
  • Increase energy and mental clarity
  • Improve sleep quality

a book for all those who want to live a healthy, active and conscious life

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Zuzana and Nikki have discovered the plant-based secret to building leaner, stronger muscles, and with their meal type and timing recommendations for casual, moderate and high-impact workouts, you’re sure to find the best way to give your body the nutrition it needs to keep improving. They even include sample menus to help you plan your plant-based journey to increase your strength and energy while reducing body fat. So, whether you’re a competitive athlete or weekend warrior, this cookbook has recipes that are sure to strengthen your body, mind and spirit.

plant based athlete protein
berry chia jam recipe by Active Vegetarian
plant based athlete protein

what will you find inside?

  • Action Plan For Peak Performance and Optimum Health
  • Top Foods to Eat Before, During and After Workouts
  • Recovery Tips and Tools
  • Protein: How to Get Enough
  • Sample Menus
  • Plus Over 80 Easy-To-Make Recipes (with raw food options)

who is this book for?

Plant-Powered Athlete is a great guide for anyone who wants to enjoy a healthy active and earth friendly lifestyle. No matter whether you are a professional athlete, fitness enthusiast, or simply looking to boost your physical and mental health, the principles outlined in this book can help elevate your game at every level.

what readers say

“Plant-Powered Athlete demonstrates that eating plants is simple, nutritious, and delicious. With plenty of tips and tasty recipes, this is a great book to fuel and support an active lifestyle.”
Julienna Hever
Julieanna Hever
MS RD CPT, author of The Healthspan Solution and Plant-Based Nutrition (Idiot's Guide)
“Zuzana Fajkusova is the master of introducing everything that is plant-based! Whether you are a high-performance athlete, or wanting to recover faster from exercise, sleep better, increase your energy, or live a more abundant lifestyle, this book offers credible, practical advice on food and nutrition. Zuzana brings us 23 years of research as a plant-based athlete, coach and chef and inspires the athlete in all of us. I will be referring to this comprehensive material on a daily basis – I want to eat what she’s eating!”
Elaine Kupser
Elaine Kupser
Publisher & Owner, IMPACT Magazine
“This is the book I will refer all of my plant-based clients to. It is an exemplary way for plant-based athletes, and even plant-based non-athletes to eat and be in optimal shape with their nutrition!”
hannah fletcher
Hannah Fletcher
Co-Owner and Personal Trainer at Fit in 30 Minutes

about the authors

“We are committed to uncovering the truth about healthy and earth-friendly living. Our mission is to empower you on your path to vibrant health and help you achieve long-lasting personal transformation.” – Zuzana & Nikki

Nikki and Zuzana in kitchen making a plant-based buddha bowl

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frequently asked questions

How can athletes benefit from eating a plant-based diet?

As explained in the Plant-Powered Athlete book, a diet centered around plants, especially in their whole unprocessed form, can provide significant athletic and performance advantages. These include improved blood flow, increased muscle efficiency, reduced inflammation, quicker recovery times, and enhanced immune function. While many athletes often notice these advantages quickly, people from all walks of life who want to look, feel and perform better can benefit from these improvements that come from eating plant-based diet as well.

Does a plant-based diet have too many carbs?

All carbs are not created equal. While refined carbohydrates like sugar and white flour — which have been stripped of fiber and other nutrients — are definitely not healthy and are associated with weight gain, the opposite is true for unrefined carbohydrates. Mother Nature created things whole. She didn’t just give us carbohydrates, but whole complex carbohydrates—which is what our bodies need for energy—as well as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Whole, plant-based foods, such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains, are also high in protein and fiber, which helps slow the digestion of carbs so we don’t experience a sudden spike in blood sugar followed by a crash.

How can I get enough protein without eating meat or other animal foods?

A common misconception about plant-based diets is that they don’t provide enough protein. That is not the case if you eat a plant-based whole food diet. Foods like pseudo-grains, amaranth, quinoa, buckwheat, and wild rice – they’re all around 20% protein. Spinach and kale are 45% protein. Spirulina and Chlorella are around 65% protein. When you eat a variety of plant-based foods, you’re going to get enough protein. Plus eating plant-based proteins are far better for the environment as these foods require less natural resources to produce. Also, when you switch to a plant-based diet, you are eating lower on the food chain, therefore not taking in as many herbicides, pesticides, and hormones. Also, plant-based whole foods are easier to digest, and alkaline-forming, which means they reduce inflammation, and they’re good for bone health.

How can I build muscle on a plant-based diet?

The best way to build new muscle tissue is to regularly challenge your body with intense resistance training and nourish it with the right building blocks.
When it comes to training, choose exercises that are difficult yet safe and that you enjoy. Make strength training part of your lifestyle. Each time you train, you will create small micro-tears in your muscles as you challenge your body with more repetitions and heavier weights. This micro breakdown in the muscle tissue doesn’t stop at the end of the workout; it continues even after your last rep. That’s why proper nourishment is a crucial component of muscle growth. By giving your body the right nutrients it needs to repair these tears, your muscles will rebuild, grow bigger and stronger. Following the principles of the plant-powered diet is an ideal place to start, however, if your goal is to build lean muscle mass, you will have to put a particular emphasis on the amount of food you consume – you’ll need plenty of lean protein, quality carbs, and healthy fats, too. This book covers nutrient timing for specific fitness goals in details. 
PLANT BASED ATHLETE by Active Vegetarian


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