Practical Guidelines Pertaining To COVID-19

BE Healthy NOW!

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The Natural Way to Prevent Disease and Promote Sustainable Health

Presented by Health Coaches and Plant-Based Living Experts Zuzana Fajkusova & Nikki Lefler
Founders of Active Vegetarian

Due to the critical state of our planet, we are making this EXTREMELY IMPORTANT video available to provide you with NECESSARY Guidance and MAJOR Solutions that could protect you from COVID-19.

The most important thing is to obtain the essential information and act upon it ASAP! Everyone will probably want to quickly acquire our suggestions online (not from us) while they’re still available! 

You will be SO GLAD you signed up for this Webinar. It could be one of the most important decisions of your life! We promise you this – it will be POWERFUL! 

Protect yourself! Stay safe. And—above all else—healthy! Take Action NOW!
~ Zuzana & Nikki

We Are Here To Help!​

These following topics will be covered in the webinar:


What To Eat! What Not to Eat.
What to Drink! What Not to Drink.
What to Take! What Not to Take.


How To Maintain A Strong Body.
Ways To Bulletproof Your Immune System.
Gut Health. Detoxification.


Taking Care Of Your Mind And Spirit.
Living The Laws Of Nature.
Our Daily Virus Protection Protocol.


Zuzana & Nikki are available to answer all of your questions – please leave them in the comments below the video. We check them regularly. 

A note from Zuzana & Nikki:

“For some time we have been working with people and helping them regain and maintain their health, but the recent COVID-19 outbreak had made us re-evaluate our efforts. We couldn’t help but ask ourselves if we are are doing our utmost to bring to people the truth concerting health. Are we contributing our absolute best, because at this point anything less than our absolute best is unacceptable. Considering the current worldwide pandemic and millions of people who are suffering from various ailments, we had to admit that we were not doing our absolute best. After much soul-searching we’ve made a conscious decision that we would create even more value for our customers and be of immediate service to even more people, hence this webinar was born. We hope that you will join us!”


It's TIME to Understand and Apply the Principles of a Healthy Lifestyle to Your Own life NOW!!

This SPECIAL video is


Regular Price $39


Only $19 (USD)

downloadable video and audio available