AV Coaching – How To Join 8-Week Trial

Thank you for purchasing our book, we would be happy to help you with accessing the material. 
With the purchase of the book, you receive 8-week access to our online coaching program including the additional resources you are looking for. 
Please see below for detailed instructions on how you can join the free 8 weeks: 
When you go to https://activevegetarian.com/veganweightlossmanifesto/                                                                                 
Click the “SEND”. It will open a new page where you enter your contact information + coupon code (page #12) and CC info (please note that you WILL NOT be charged for the first 8 weeks and you can cancel this at any time). 
Once you have entered the coupon code you will notice the top changes to “58 days for free then $32/month with coupon”.


From there you will have access to the member-only content and would continue to access it in the future by going to “LOG IN” at the top right beside the join button. Or you can click on the MEMBERS tab under PLANT-BASED COACHING. I hope that helps!!
Once you have completed your registration and are able to fully log in to our coaching below is an explanation of how and where you can access all the supporting resources. 
Log in using the top right button on the homepage. Don’t worry even if you fail to do so when you attempt to access any member-only content – it will prompt you to log in first. 
From here go to the COACHING tab (menu) this will open up a page that has all of the weeks. If you scroll down past our current week you will see Weeks 1 – 8 all there. Once you click the first week – you will see a FULL overview of all the resources needed. 


**be sure to follow any following email instructions as we will also be sending you weekly emails that have direct links to all the resources as well as an exclusive coaching video message from Zuzana and Myself.**
Please do not hesitate to reach out at any point for further assistance or with any questions/comments.
Dedicated to your health & wellbeing,